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About Us

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our award wining range of natural superhero products that are all made in the UK, vegan friendly and are plastic free, either 100% biodegradable and compostable or reusable. No harm to us, animals or the environment.

Hi there and thank you for wanting to find out more about us… My name is Amanda and I am the founder of Green Planet Beauty. I have been involved in the beauty industry for over 15 years and have developed the very best natural cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products that harness the power of nature to create the ultimate in skin and hair care products, however, I always felt the current plastic packaging options didn’t complement our company ethos. I am very passionate about the environment and after being left with a bitter taste knowing that the plastic containers we use could end up in the sea destroying our sea life, we then set out to change this!

Since setting up Green Planet Beauty we have worked hard to find suitable containers to house our amazing products in and after testing various biodegradable alternatives, we finally found the perfect solution with our 100% biodegradable, reusable and recyclable packaging.

We are extremely passionate about this cause and it’s something that needs to be taken seriously as we can’t continue turning a blind eye to the plastic crisis this planet is currently dealing with. We are looking forward to you getting on board with us and making a positive change for our planet by making small changes to your daily routine. Let’s support our future generations and look after our beautiful planet.