As we all know plastic is having a detrimental effect on our planet and our sea life with over 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around in our Oceans.

The largest market for plastic waste is packaging in which the beauty industry play a huge part. Most of it never gets recycled and the amount that’s does will eventually still end up in landfill or the sea, as it can only we recycled upto 7 times.

Furthermore, with 9 out of 10 people now wanting to see plastic free aisle in supermarkets the growing demand for beauty products without plastic is growing.

Above all we believe that if we all make a small change in what we purchase and try to look for plastic free alternatives including beauty products without plastic. We can be part of the wave of change on this massive environmental issue.

What are we doing

This is why at Green Planet Beauty all our products are 100% plastic free, we are constantly working on increasing our product range to offer people these everyday beauty products without plastic. Our range is safe for you, animals and the planet.

In conclusion, let’s work together and make better choices in everything we buy. Ask ourselves questions like, do I really need this product? can I re-use a container I already have? and if you do need to purchase something try to buy plastic free alternatives. Be part of the solution not the pollution.

Let us know if you are looking for plastic free beauty products and can’t find them, we love to here your feedback and will try our best to offer this to you in the future.

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