Do you have a favourite dry shampoo that you like to use on a daily basis? Are you aware of it’s ingredients and packaging?

Dry shampoo in itself isn’t necessarily bad for the environment, but many popular and conventional dry shampoos contain harmful ingredients. There are many dry shampoos which may use ingredients like silicone or sulfates. Sulfates can be very harmful to the environment, the greenhouse gas effect and climate change is partly caused by the production of sulfates. Silicone and sulfates can also cause damage to the hair and prevent hair growth, this is why dry shampoos which contain these ingredients are not good for everyday use.

Whereas natural dry shampoos are beneficial to the hair and not damaging to the environment. They are made of natural ingredients and therefore don’t contaminate the environment with harmful chemicals or ingredients. 

There are many dry shampoos that can leave aerosol residue which is bad for the environment and your lungs. Aerosol particles can be very easily inhaled and can settle on food crops or in waterways, this means that it can then be ingested by animals and can filter into the water supply. Not only this, aerosol propellants are harming and depleting our ozone layer; this is the layer which protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays, it’s effectively taking away our protective layer of sunscreen.

Also, the majority of aerosol cans cannot be recycled at recycling facilities, this then obviously causes more waste for the environment. 

Our Green Planet Beauty dry shampoo does not have this problem. Our plastic free dry shampoo is made of all natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals, it’s beneficial for your hair and the packaging is recyclable and completely compostable. 

So why carry on buying a dry shampoo which is harmful to the environment and that isn’t even good for your hair? When you can have a natural dry shampoo which is beneficial for both.

Check out our all natural and plastic free dry shampoo on our website now!

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