Have you seen our recent Eco news post?

Every week we post a number of positive eco news stories to share with our followers to spread some positivity about our planet and the changes that are being made.

This week we found some really interesting and exciting news stories which could really make a difference to our environment. Here is a more in depth description of the news stories if you’re looking for a little more information.

Eco News 1: France’s Plastic Packaging Ban

A new law has come into place in France that will ban plastic packaging on most fruit and vegetable products. It is estimated that 37% of fruit and vegetable products in France were thought to be sold wrapped in plastic packaging before the law came into place. They really want to make a difference and show that they want to make changes to help save and protect our environment from dangerous plastic materials.

Government officials say it could prevent a billion items of single use plastic from being sold every year. The aim of the ban is to eventually lead to the gradual phasing out of the use of plastic packaging for all fruits and vegetables by 2026. The president (Emmanuel Macron), said that it shows the country’s commitment to phase out single use plastics by 2040.

This news story was particularly appealing to us, as we are very passionate about helping our planet and to eliminate the use of plastic packaging. That’s why all of our packaging is plastic free, and we are extremely happy that other people and other parts of the world want to make this change too.

Eco News 2: The World’s Deepest Dwelling Squid Found

A team of subsea explorers completed the deepest ever dive to a shipwreck earlier this year. A few days before they went to find the shipwreck, they carried out another descent to the seafloor, once they got back they received the footage from the excursion. The footage came out to be quite hazy and blurry but it was a recognisable squid.

It was a Magnapinnid squid (Bigfin squid), it was above the sea bed and is the deepest anyone has ever found a squid before. Squid are usually considered to be top predators, the researchers came to the conclusion that to find a squid this far down, then there must be other life forms further down too.

This is an exciting discovery, as no one knew that there were any forms of life that close to the sea bed, it could mean there is more to discover.

Eco News 3: Petition To Ban Plastic Packaging and Cutlery

A petition has been made in the UK to ban plastic packaging and plastic cutlery and plates. More than 100,000 people have signed the petition and are hoping that the ban eventually takes place. The petition was submitted by a number of campaigners, including; City to Sea, 38 Degrees, and environmental NGO Greenpeace. It’s a part of the campaign #CutTheCutlery.

The campaigners are calling for legal action in order to make a reduction in the amount of single use plastic being used, they have the aim of a 50% reduction by 2025, and 25% of packaging to  be reusable by 2025. Some of the items that could be banned are plastic plates, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and polystyrene food and drinks containers.

If this ban comes through and is enforced, we believe it will have a great impact on our environment, and hopefully it will be the start of a new mindset for the country and that more changes will be made in the future.

Those are this weeks positive eco news stories. What do you think?

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