The Refill Shop 100% Plastic Free & Biodegradable

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Welcome to our 100% biodegradable and compostable refill shop. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to the future of beauty products!

Just select which refills you would like from the list below.

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32 reviews for The Refill Shop 100% Plastic Free & Biodegradable

  1. Katie A.

  2. Julie R.

    Great service as usual

  3. Suzanne Hillman

    So pleased with these shampoo and conditioner refills, I bought the aluminium containers originally and these are helping to reduce my plastics

  4. Alice K.

    Great refills

  5. Debra R.

    Love this plastic free packaging and the contents are fab!

  6. Rachel Edwards

    Love the body custard . Have been using it on my ankle and leg post surgery after a fracture and it has been so soothing and my skin is much improved

  7. Marianne Shawe-Taylor

  8. Alice K.

    Lovely moisturiser and great that it’s available in a refill pouch!

  9. gemma

  10. Louisa T.

    Love the refill shop. Value for money and kinder to the environment 👍

  11. Julie R.

    Great plastic free way to buy this product

  12. Sharon

    Refills are just perfect and I love that I found your shop. You have enabled me to easily take out so much plastic from my beauty regieme. Thank you.

  13. ANNA

    Love the fact this product is refillable.

  14. Lauren Adams

    Love it. Eco friendly and budget friendly.

  15. Irene Scott

  16. Kuldip

    Lovely products and the refill shop is a great idea.

  17. Laura

    I absolutely love that I have the option to refill my products rather than buying the product and container again. It’s really helping to cut down on wastage

  18. Crystal

    Loved it! I’m totally converted!!! The refills are amazing and I love that I use even less plastic in the bathroom!

  19. Kirstie

  20. Chanelle Norrington

  21. Crystal

    I love the refills! Easy to snip open and transfer into my bottles/Jar! And then i cut it up and put inside my food caddy to compost with my food leftovers! I Love it!

  22. Crystal

  23. Karen

    Love the fact that I am not buying more plastic, but reutilising what I already have.

  24. Rachel Edwards

  25. Chanelle

    I am a returning customer that is never disappointed! Fast shipping and fantastic products

  26. Anonymous

    I love the products and have been using the shampoo and conditioner for over a year now. Aside from making my hair soft and shiny, it’s fantastic to be able to get refills and put that packaging in my home compost. The only negative comment I have is that it would be nice for the discount to be available for buying two shapoo refills not just the shampoo and conditioner, since the shampoo usually runs out quicker.

  27. Melanie

    We like the fact that it’s a refill. Pleasant products to use. My husband particularly likes the shampoo which he says keeps his itchy scalp and dandruff under control. I find I use rather a lot of shampoo for my long hair but I find I only need a little conditioner

  28. Carol Caine

    Lovely products and recyclable packaging is a bonus!

  29. Louisa Taylor

    Smells fabulous

  30. Sharon J.

    I find these really good value for money.

  31. Faith G.

    I love the refill shop! My family live as plastic and waste free as we can! This helps so much 💚

  32. Helena

    Love refills

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