Well at a time in which the world has one common goal to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting a potentially harmful virus, it’s hard to look on the bright side. However, I think we have heard too many scare stories that have made us feel worried and helpless. So, let’s try and stay positive and look at some good things to come from this.

A lot of countries have been told to self-isolate and air travel has been limited this is going to have a direct effect on the amount of air pollution that is being created, with less cars on the road and planes in the sky this is doing our planet a big favour, at least for a short period of time.

Also, with so many people self-isolating and having to stay at home. This is like being given the gift of TIME. Don’t we always have things we would love to do but often say if only I had time, well now we do. Some people are at home reading books they haven’t had time to before, writing their life stories, even learning to play a new instrument. So, turn off the TV it’s only going to create more fear. Use this time wisely! There are so many online courses you could do. Like learning to make things, even clothes from your unwanted items, restore furniture, accounting (if that’s your thing!) absolutely anything you can imagine. With this free time we have, it could even inspire a whole new direction in life and maybe a career change to do something you really love.

How about exercising at home. There are so many videos on YouTube that show you exercise routines, yoga routines and even meditation. This is great for the body and mind, it will release endorphins and will help you to focus on more positive areas of life.

Let’s help others that are less fortunate than us. Look out for the higher risk like the elderly and reach out to see if they need our help. Helping people is a positive thing to do and makes you feel good.

So, at a time in our history that has created global panic, let’s be British and Stay Calm, sing happy birthday while we wash our hands and try if you can, to stop buying all the loo roll 🙂

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